A new 365-page book has just been opened, and to better write it together, the DOFUS Pets team is introducing themselves, wishing you a happy new year, and sharing with you their hopes for the months to come. Preview of what awaits you in 2017!
In the previous Feature Focus: Evolution, we showed you the various kinds of companions you'll be able to unlock throughout your game experience. This week, we're dealing with the cosmetic possibilities of DOFUS Pets in depth, using the customization system it offers. Follow the guide!
Focus Feature: Evolution December 16, 2016 - [XyaLe]
In DOFUS Pets, you'll take care of a pet from its earliest days until adulthood; raise it, heal it, educate it, entertain it… many actions which will allow it to develop in different ways throughout its growth.

Several days ago, we were talking about it on social networks: DOFUS Pets, the new mobile game from Ankama, is getting ready to land in 2017. To find out everything about the project and to follow its development, we invite you to immerse yourself in the heart of its production!