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Team Introduction and Wishes 2017

By [XyaLe] - ANKAMA - January 11, 2017, 18:00:00

A new 365-page book has just been opened, and to better write it together, the DOFUS Pets team is introducing themselves, wishing you a happy new year, and sharing with you their hopes for the months to come. Preview of what awaits you in 2017!

DOFUS Pets is a team of 4 people/colleagues/friends who, after knocking about DOFUS, WAKFU, Tactile Wars and Wakfu Guardians, had the rather crazy idea of developing a mobile game capable of weaving links between the Krosmoz's different games. But that, you already knew.

The first discussions over the last few weeks were extremely positive and encouraging, whether they were via the blog posts or social networks, and they greatly reassured us about our objective. And for that, we give you much thanks.

The year started off at top speed in order to meet the release deadlines (estimated in July 2017, in 6 short months…), but we want to take the time to share a moment with you. Firstly, to wish you all the best in this new year: lots of happiness, success, and many great experiences. Secondly, to properly introduce ourselves because it's always nice to know who you're talking with… And finally, to discuss the journey that we envisage for DOFUS Pets.


Team introductions



Project Lead and Developer

Loves nature and is a veteran role-player
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Hi there! I'm Talentyre, the project lead on DOFUS Pets, and developer by profession.
Some of you might know me from the WAKFU MMO; I hosted a small part of the forum about my work on the game interfaces. I had a lot of fun back then chatting with you and trying to satisfy certain requests of yours, which is why I want to tell you that when developing, I think first and foremost of you, the players! So please don't hesitate to share your opinion with us, whether it's positive or negative. We read all of them and take them to heart.

These last years, I've been particularly interested in mobile games, which pushed me to join the Tactile Wars team, where I learned a lot. Then, with the previously mentioned colleagues, we decided to throw ourselves into a "modern-day Tamagotchi". It was one of my childhood dreams (I don't know about you, but I had tons of them ^^ and I love taking care of animals, whether they're real or virtual) so I'd like to thank Kam and Tot for the confidence they've shown in this project! It's still sometimes hard to believe, but it's true: we've set off for a joyful adventure and I sincerely hope you will be pleased with the game!


Artistic Director

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Hey there! I'm Rumo the Red! Why red? Why, because it's not green or blue, of course!
It will soon be 10 years that I've been an animation artist at Ankama; I started in animation on Wakfu the series for several weeks, and then I quickly moved on to the games, notably WAKFU, WAKFU Guardians, DOFUS Arena… and above all DOFUS, for which I've imagined and designed nearly the entire bestiary for the last 6 years. And from Frigost to Ohwymi, believe me, that makes a lot of monsters! :P

Today, I take care of the artistic aspect of DOFUS Pets, which means I create the ambiance, the sprites, the animations, the items… basically everything that's visual, all the while making sure that it all matches up with the rest of the Krosmoz. Honestly, it's an enormous mountain of work to do all alone, and a big challenge, but that's what makes it motivating!



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Hello all! Players know me by the name of Venom. At first, one of course thinks about Spiderman (I love the character, by the way) or for their fans, the heavy metal group. But originally, it came from the series M.A.S.K.

I've been at Ankama for nearly 10 years. I've worked on several projects such as DOFUS Arena, and then I jumped into WAKFU and managed its development team. Today, with the help of my companions, I'm doing what I can to allow you to take the best care of your little animal on DOFUS Pets. Put simply, I write lines of code that define the logic and mechanics, and make your (future) favorite game work.


Community Developer

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I'll spare you yet another introduction: you already know me!
Basically, I handle communications. ^^ I make sure you get all the information you need to better understand the project and to show you how cool it's going to be, all the while collaborating closely on its development with respect to game mechanics and transverse possibilities. :)

Projections for 2017

That's all well and good, but what about DOFUS Pets?! Hehe, we're getting to it!

We still have a lot to do, as much graphically as in development, and by extension, we still have a lot to show you through the Feature Focus; the mini-game system, the integrated chat, the social functions, the different pets and their evolutions, periodic events… these are just a few examples of the content we're planning.
But there are still several stops along the way to all that, and I think the ones that will interest you the most will be: the alpha and beta testing phases.

When? Where?! How?!? We'll start with a phase of pre-testing at Ankama around mid-February, with the participation of about 15 volunteers. This first round of feedback will help us smooth out the application; to take note of possible ergonomics issues, to correct nasty bugs, to panic in case of unforeseen problems… before internally releasing an alpha version.
Depending on the feedback we get and our advancement on the project, we hope to ask some players (you!) in April to join the alpha test, and to participate in the construction of the game.
The beta version should then arrive in May, and will be progressively opened to players right up to the final version in July.
We'll be sharing a participation form ahead of the alpha and beta phases in order to select the first player-testers for DOFUS Pets. Don't miss this chance: when the time comes, the information will be shared on the site and on social networks!

Until then, and to help you wait patiently, you'll have various opportunities to contribute to the evolution of the game's content: in the weeks to come, we'll start offering various surveys and contests which will help us define several graphical elements, like equipment items, scenery, and even… future pets to unlock!

We hope that many of you will share this adventure with us throughout 2017, and help make DOFUS Pets a unique and beautiful game, designed for the players, by the players.

See you all soon!
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The game sounds really interesting! Having started playing Dofus just over 10 years ago it's awesome seeing the world expand into loads of new games! Will be following closely....

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Thank you Keywasad! We're looking forward to share the first Alpha version of the game to share this experience with our players. smile

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Great stuff, looking forward to seeing how this game preforms and how well it intergrates with the mmorpgs, letso hope this fills the void that Wakfu Raiders left behind. ^^

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Oh wow!
I was browsing thru the games in my profile when I found this little gem, I honestly had always loved little pets in particular, and I visit a lot of petsites x,D (this is a reason I first joined dofus, then moved to wakfu)

And the krosmos has a lot of different pets that are wonderful and very cute I cant wait to see you guys tackle on them.

Also wow 4 people working on this, and the very best, also its lovely to meet the artist I admire, you make everything look so smooth Rumo!!

Im super hyped for this.

I will be checking this regularly from now on!

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Score : 3

I'm still wondering why isn't a web shop for this new game app yet... Its hard to make payments through the phone...

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