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Feature Focus: Mini Games

By [XyaLe] - ANKAMA - February 02, 2017, 17:00:00
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You’ve taken care of your sidekick, pampered them, personalized them, trained them, made sure they’re growing properly... Let’s face it, you’ve done it all already. That leaves you with some time on your hands to enjoy the application’s mini games and perhaps earn a few extra kamas!

DOFUS Pets is designed to be a casual, totally independent game. We wanted it to be easy, so that players don’t feel obligated to spend several hours playing the app every day to reach their targets. But we also wanted to allow those players who want to spend more time playing to be able to do so, and keep it interesting for them. 
With this in mind, we have been working on some different game mechanics, in particular, a system of mini games that is integrated directly into the application.

The Mini Games Concept


Each mini game has 10 levels of difficulty that are progressively unlocked. In practical terms: you have to pass level 1 to get to level 2, and so on. 
From level 5 to level 10, you can unlock special gifts on completing each level, like a purse of kamas, food, gear and other stuff. 
Each mini game also lets you earn extra kamas (separate from the levels) according to your progress in the game and the achievements you’ve unlocked.
The mini games aren’t just fun to play and good for earning rewards, they also have an affect on your sidekick: by playing a mini game you can increase their level of joy, but it also tire them out, make them hungry or even make them lose weight. All of these effects, can ultimately, have an effect on the evolution of your little animal.

Mini Games to Discover



In Bulb’Adventure, you are Bulbilaz, a member of the Plantalas family, who can move horizontally and vertically while shooting projectiles in the form of balls of energy. 
As you advance, different enemies appear along the way. You can eliminate them with an attack or try to dodge them. The important thing is not to let them touch you and make you lose health points. 
To help you along, you can unlock different random bonuses in your path, for instance, by automatically retrieving kamas, activating an impenetrable shield, increasing your speed, and so on. 
To win the round, you have to take Bulbilaz all the way to the end of the course and free their friends.


The famous Match 3 is revisited once again in C-C-C-Combo: combine three bricks of the same color to earn points and make progress in your grid. 
You can win bonuses for special combinations: destroying adjacent bricks, all bricks of the same color, line or column, and so on. You can also be penalized with indestructible bricks. 
To win the round, you need to create combinations around Bulbilaz imprisoned in the bricks and free them, before you run out of time.


In Bulb’Attack, you are given a spray cannon to eliminate waves of enemies as they get dangerously close to you. 
The wall separating you from your opponents contains various bonuses that are activated when bricks with stars are destroyed, for example, these could allow you to change your weapon, or increase your rate of fire. 
To win the round, you must eliminate all of your enemies while making sure not to get hit.


In Tap’Tiche, concentration and speed are your best allies in warding off a Drhellbert invasion
As you move through the levels, the Drhellberts become more and more threatening; some get faster while others are protected with helmets. 
To win the round, you need to knock out as many Drhellberts as possible in the allotted time without hitting your sidekick who has slipped in amongst them... 

Jelly Jumper

In Jelly Jumper, you control your sidekick and make them leap from platform to platform while dodging potential enemy attacks. 
Each platform has a different shape and particular effect: a simple rebound, a very high jump, smaller jump, no rebound at all, and so on. 
You can unlock different bonuses as you go, for instance, to automatically retrieve the kamas. 
To win the round, you have to take your sidekick all the way to the finish before the time runs out and free your Bulbilaz ally.

And there are more coming...

Obviously, we won’t stop at 5 mini games, on the contrary, we would like to make the app as fun and as rich as possible as we develop it further. Since you are the first people to see it, we will be sure to ask for your opinions too! After all, who better to tell us what you like than you? :) 
So, if you have any ideas, concepts or just want to play a particular mini game, please let us know at the end of this article: we will discuss it, examine all the possibilities to adapt and integrate them, and who knows, maybe you’ll get a chance to play them soon in the next DOFUS Pets!
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And what about a game related to abraknidos? Like a sort of creepy maze where you have to avoid those sort of creatures and get to the exit or find a treasure, maybe it could work in a similar way to pac-man.

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These all look really cool! Really excited to play this now

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So hyped!

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