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DOFUS Pets Starter Set

By [XyaLe] - ANKAMA - February 09, 2017, 17:00:00
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You've discovered the Tofu in all its shapes, observed the Bow Meow through numerous visuals, and some of you have guessed the third mystery sidekick… So now it's time to give you some more details about the pet starter set which will be offered in DOFUS Pets!

The starter set: 3 emblematic pets

To start the DOFUS Pets adventure in the best way, we wanted to offer you a starter set made up of easily identifiable pets, recognizable by all. The Tofu - an emblematic figure of the World of Twelve since its creation - was consequently an obvious choice, followed by the Bow Meow, a reference to both DOFUS and WAKFU, and a first-class target for those who are passionate about cute little hairballs.

As for the third one? Well, we had to think about it for quite a while… First of all, we obviously thought about the Dragoone, but it quickly appeared to be exceeding the graphical constraints. We then considered the Wabbit or the Wodent, but we weren't truly convinced by their potential to attract. Then, in the course of a conversion, a colleague showed us the way: why not the memorable Boon, that little bouncing creature for the DOFUS 1.29 era, the symbol of in-game tips and guidance? Having never been implemented as a pet, it immediately made sense to us.

When DOFUS Pets is released, you'll therefore have the choice between the Tofu, Bow Meow and Boon, each with six possible evolutions, giving thirty-six pets to collect and unlock in the MMOs!


And then what?

We're currently aiming for a selection of six different pets. In contrast with the starter set, we'd like to innovate in creating the next trio, by offering you some previously unseen pets.

To come up with them, have faith in Rumo and his experience as a long-standing character designer for DOFUS, and not just that! As we've been repeating since this blog was launched, we want to include you in the production and development of DOFUS Pets, including for the choice of future pets and their design.
So over the coming months, we'll be offering you the chance to take part in a creative contest with the aim of thinking up and designing your dream pet, which will then be integrated into DOFUS Pets, as well as into your MMOs. But we're telling you about it now, so you can already get your thinking caps on, if you like!

Editor's note: several GIFs have surreptitiously crept into this article - don't try and find them.
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R2D2 pet please.

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The "made sense to us" is really no make sense laugh XD.

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