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Gamakna #1

By [XyaLe] - ANKAMA - May 05, 2017, 17:00:00
AnkaTracker Announcements

Check your smartphone, check your tablet, the first official issue of the magazine covering the Ankama universe has arrived!

To discover in this first issue: infos, previews, spoils, announcements... basically, the best of your favorite games in a digital mass! Browse the contents page and let yourself be led by your reading... In the program for DOFUS Pets:
  • Game Overview with XyaLe
  • Pets Contest: The 4th Familiar

And of course, the latest news from DOFUS, DOFUS Touch, WAKFU MMO, WAKFU Season 3, KROSMAGA, KROSMASTER, editions and boardgames!

Check out also: The Gamakna Website!

Download the application:  
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