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Version 1.9.0 Change Logs

By toutimamos - COMMUNITY HELPER - February 13, 2018, 13:48:06


  • The Dragnir Petsmount transfert is now available for DOFUS Touch and WAKFU!


  • A new item "Gweat Bwig Pumpkwin" is now available on the shop.


  • Bugfix on the pet's resurrection which may debit too much gems and put the gems counter below zero.
  • All the players affected by this bug of gems counter below zero will see in few minutes their gems counter changed to 0 gem. The Ankama Support will be able to give back the gems lost; if you are in this case, please send a ticket to the support when your gems counter is set to 0.

This update is available on Android and will be downloadable soon on iOS.
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This update is now available on iOS!

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