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[ENG VERSION / GUIDE / 1.1.6] Have the pet of your choice !

By 0Hunter0 September 11, 2017, 18:09:35

Hi English community ! I asked in Discord if some of you wanted the translation of my guide from the French Forum. And it's the case. So there is the translation of my guide, without any modifications. I prefer say sorry in advance if there's some english mistakes. I don't pretend to be a great English speaker :')

Monday 11 September 2017: Update of the guide following the update

Unique message for the English Com' : Attention I didn't perfectly understand some details of the update because of some (important) nuances. So some value (indeed certain action) could be not exact as long as I have no more precision with the French community of the game. But be sure that when I modify something in my French Guide, I'll do the same there ^^

I often hear people from my surroundings grumble because they can not have the familiar of their choices. And I think that is the case for many. I propose you this little guide which should greatly help you to have the familiar that corresponds to you!

Before explain how to have each pet. It is imperative to recall a very important point.

If you are certain of the familiar you want. Start BEING BABY to act as it should. Because at the very beginning, the familiar will be influencing at 100%. You can do whatever you want from it to perfection. The baby state is therefore the most important, since it is the one where it is easier to have what you want without problem!

The more your pet will grow, the less influences it will have on him. This is why you MUST act right from the start

The Bontarian :

We'll start with the two easiest familiar to get. The Bontarian and the Brakmarian.

To have a Bontarian Familiar, you must be fairly present, but above all, act correctly.

For this, nothing more simple!

If your pet have 90% or more starved, and he demands you to eat. Slap it.
If he is 40% or less in hunger, and he asks you to eat. Caress him, then give him something to eat.

If the familiar have 90% or more starved, and refuses to eat. Accept his refusal.
If conversely, the familiar to 40% or less in hunger, and refuses to eat. Force it.

If the familiar to 90% or more in joy, and he asks to play, slap him.
If conversely, the familiar to 40% or less in joy, and he asks to play. Caress it and play with it

If the familiar to 90% or more in joy, and he refuses to play, accept his choice.
If conversely the familiar to 40% or less in joy, and he refuses to play. Force it.

If your pet demands to sleep. Stroke it if it has 40% or less energy, but slap it if it to 90% or more energy.

If your pet calls for any potion (Life, Joy, Hunger, Energy), stroke it only if it needs it. Otherwise, slap it.

Henceforth, any demand relating to the vitality of the Familier is seen as a need. You will always have to caress it to influence the Bontarian.

If your pet requires soap when it does not need it, the slap will increase the Bontarian tendency.

It is also possible that your pet demands clothing and decoration. I do not understand logic, but to have Bontarian you have to caress him when he claims these clothes, and slap him for the Brâkmarien. For me it is supposed to be the reverse, since one speaks of a caprice on clothes, or then influenced the charming one. (Correction in the charming way)

On the other hand, when your pet demands a place of life. Slap it. Now, your pet can claim medicines without having to need them. So slap the familiar to increase the Bontarian track. Slap him for the Brakmarian way.

The Brakmarian :

For the Brakmarian, it is very simple, makes the perfect opposite of the Bontarian.

If your pet have 90% or more starved, and he demands you to eat. Caress it
If he is 40% or less in hunger, and he asks you to eat. Slap it

If the familiar have 90% or more starved, and refuses to eat. Force it
If conversely, the familiar have 40% or less in hunger, and refuses to eat. Accept his choice

If the familiar have 90% or more in joy, and he asks to play, caress it and play with.
If conversely, the familiar to 40% or less in joy, and he asks to play. Slap it

If the familiar have 90% or more in joy, and he refuses to play, force him.
If conversely the familiar have 40% or less in joy, and he refuses to play. Accept his choice.

If your pet demands to sleep. Slap him if he has 40% or less energy, but stroke him if he has 90% or more energy.

If your pet wants a place to live. Caress it.

You can also increase the Brakmarian tendency by waking up your pet while its energy bar is not complete. (Even at 99%.)

Henceforth, to awaken your pet prematurely will no longer increase the Brakmarian tendency, but will reduce his joy by 30%

Now, your pet can claim medicines without needing them. Caress it to increase the Brakmarian way. But slap him for the Bontarian way.

The Icky :

The Icky is the familiar that will ask you the least effort. Indeed, it is enough just to ... Leave it in his dung. Literally. Play with him so he's dirty and let him live in his dirt. The bath ? That's not Bow Meow.

Be careful, the slap when he asks for soap increases the Brâkmarienne trend, not sticky. Do not look for logic.
It is not sure, but with the update it is possible that this now increases the Icky way.

The Paunchy:

Him, he will have to be spoiled ! Prepare your kamas, because to have a Paunchy, you simply have to keep a maximum weight and patient!

The Paunchy will be the second most expensive pet (the first is charming, but we will come back on it). I therefore advise you to avoid making it your very first familiar. Instead, lean on a Bontarian or a Brakmarian, or a Icky to the rigor

Otherwise, the Paunchy is like the Icky, except that for the Paunchy, you leave it in its fat and when it loses weight, it will be necessary to remedy it with a good greasy thigh.

Give him all the junk food of the world, he will be happy!

The Charming :

The Charming is, for me, the rudest familiar to possess. And the most expensive. In fact, it is very simple, it is enough to fill him with luxurious soaps when an ounce of bad odor appears. And remove his droppings as often as possible.

The worry being that the most effective soaps will cost you a small amount of gems. Rather, try to have soaps for free thanks to the Ecaflip wheel !

But if luck does not smile, pay only the soap that cost 40 kamas. This is the most expensive, but the most efficient in F2P. Spray the soaps every time a bad smell appears, and you'll have your Charming !

Now, when your pet claims cosmetic elements, this is considered a need (not a whim). Caress him now increases the charming way.

And to finish. The Familiar considered the hardest to own while it really is but then really not rocket science.

The measured :

For the Measured, it is imperative to start well from the possession of your pet as a baby. And it is not like the other familiar where one can just as much act right from the start. No, for the Measured, this is even obligatory.

I explain.

The more your pet will grow, the less influence your actions will have. And it's in the baby state, that your pet will be 100% influential.

Ridge, as long as it is baby, your pet is 100% modulable. It is therefore the one and only moment when you can, perfectly, scatter his character in order to form a Measured.

Now that you know that it is imperative that your pet is still baby, I will explain at best how to have a Measured

To possess a Measured, one must climb a little of everything. Start with Bontarian and Brakmarian since they are the simplest. Then you make a bit of Icky, then finally the Charming. Before going on the Paunchy.

After that ? There's three cases.

The most effective of the three being to monitor your pet's trends. When trends are above 10%, increase the trend lower. This will rebalance the trends and significantly increase the measured trend.

Either you play with Nemesis, that is to say:

A blow of Bontarian by that, compensated by a blow of Brakmarian
A blow of Icky compensated by a blow of Charming
Then a blow of Paunchy here and there.

And the third case. Avoided a maximum of tendentious actions. No slaps, no caresses, nothing if not the strict minimum.

If you manage your pet's trends well, you will probably end up with something similar to this:

(yes I take advantage of raising a measure now to illustrate my remarks. Shhh, this is not narcissism)

And it will be necessary to continue, knowing that you will be able to be more and more quiet as it evolves

I will not talk about the customization of the pets, which correspond to a way. Since I have never seen the difference. Maybe it's very light, I do not know. But remember that this is pure aesthetics. And that it will not help you to have the pet of your choice.

Hopefully this little guide will get you more! Now take good care of your familiar!
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Very nice guide. Thank you, 0hunter0,

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all my pets always end up being paunchy sad 

Kinda need more details about being Icky. XD

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Following the discovery of the Incubator system. I inform you that I will not update this Guide during the next updates. Because what good to invest and work guides. If in the end we are insulted ourselves with systems where it's enough to let go our tickets to have all the familiar in an aberrant time?

Still if there was a little bonus reward or a dissociation between those who have invested a lot of time since accessing the game and who likes to play the game (although it's annoying to have notifications at 3am because the starve of the pet :') ). And those who just have no merit and who empty their bank account to then lie by making kind that these are alpha players who know everything and who have everything?

This guide will remain as it is and I will not bother to rework it.

I invite you all to spent in no-brain mode and flooded Ankama of money for extended life of their game that will obviously no longer loyal player.

A player extremely disappointed and insulted

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There there, take it easy friend. We'll see, maybe they will reform that one day but then again, let's just see what they will do first.

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how can  i delete my pet i want tofu

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You can let it die without feeding or playing with it. Be careful: it can lose more than 30hp between 2 connexions (so be sure to continue to log in sometimes to verify the lost of hp).

toutimamos, French Community Helper

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This guide is excellent!
However, I'd like to discuss clothing and backgrounds since I haven't understood how the pet will react to care/slap.

I'm now trying to raise a bontarian pet and sometimes it likes and dislikes my actions when it thinks about clothing and backgrounds. Most of times, caring it will make it go towards Bontarian, but sometimes the opposite. Have anyone discovered more about this?

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why am i getting paunchy points every few seconds i did nothing

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