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Join us for the beta Test 1.6.2!

By toutimamos - COMMUNITY HELPER - December 26, 2017, 11:50:51

Hello everyone,

The staff is looking for beta testers for the new update 1.6. The new feature is a beauty contest in which you can enroll your pet, and are able to vote to others pets you consider more beautiful than others, in order to earn rewards at the end of the week (every contest starts on Monday, midnight (Paris Time)). This beta-update is a prototype, so there will be some future improvements. Interested to join us to test this feature?

  • If you are playing on Android, please send an email with this exact subject "BetaTest" to, specifying what is the email adress used by your Google Play Store account.
  • If you are playing on iOS, there is currently no beta test, but we will update this post if the staff is looking for iOS beta testers.
  • To learn more about this feature, give your feedback and share the various bugs you have using this feature, please use this topic on the French forum (but feel free to write in English if you want).
  • You can discuss with us with the dedicate channel on the official Discord server. If you are accepted as a beta tester but do not have the rank (purple) on the Discord server, you can contact Naemis, lechevalierdej/toutimamos (moderators) or Talentyre (staff Ankama) to have it.
  • Please note that the beta is not another application (it is not like DOFUS Touch for example) but an update of the official app (so you will not need to raise 2 pets at the same time).
  • At the end of the beta, beta testers will be rewarded with an Explorer's hat.

Thank you for your help!
Para facilitar la comprensión de todos, el beta test esta solo en francés y en inglés, entonces los hispanohablantes pueden participar, pero es preferable que hablan en uno de estos dos idiomas.

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