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Equipment & HP?

By SkeanDhu August 07, 2018, 18:14:12

Ok, just started the game and I got some questions...

What does equipment do?
All equipment got something like "Bontarian +1 lvl". Does that mean I get more "points" from actions favouring Bontarian evolutions? Is there a difference between expensive and cheap equipment with the same stat?
For example: Bamboo Wood: charming +1 & Kralove Saxophone charming +1

HP recovery
Are gem-food and that one potion the only way to recover my pets HP? Also what reduces the hp? Illnesses I assume, but I always cured those right away and my pet is still down to 68 somehow...

Thanks for any help.

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Hi, welcome to the game.

Those equipment should give your pet a boost for the relevant stat, but actually it isn't known how much boost it gets. All items can be leveled up until level 10, and this should enhance the boost you get from it, but as the impact isn't really known, the effects from leveling up can't really be estimated very exactly.

Yes, health points can only be regained from gem food and potions (actually there are two potions that can fully restore the HP: Life Potion and Eniripsa's Flask, the latter also restoring all the other stats). You can sometimes win valuable healing food in the Wheel of Fortune game if you get some jetons to play. In order to get most gems and jetons, play the mini games you're best at, but watch out for the countdown timer that starts after completing level 5 or level 10. You can only win gems or jetons if the coutdown timer has elapsed!

If you are only starting and are really low on gems, it is best to watch out that your pet doesn't lose too much of its health. Health is reduced if your pet is ill, or if it is hungry or depressed for a longer time. If you feed it to full satiety, it will last for 8 hours before it starts to lose HP slowly over time. It is always a good thing to look after it at least every 6-8 hours if possible.

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