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Mount transfer (Clarification)

By Dormammu October 21, 2018, 19:27:27


A have a question:

I must have all 6 evolutions in Otomai's garden and not transfer any pet?

I mean, if I transfer one of the pets before getting the mount I will have to raise it again to be able to get the mount?

Thank you!

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No, you may transfer the pets as you like. They remain in Otomai's Garden even though they have been transferred. The petsmount will be unlocked as soon as all 6 different evolutions are completed no matter if they are transferred or not.

However, I do not know exactly how it works if you want to obtain a second petsmount of the same kind. Probably you would have to raise all the relevant pets once again, even though you won't see any difference in the pet transfer dialog because all the pets already have been marked as unlocked from the first pass. But I'm really unsure if a pet raised for a second time before the petsmount was unlocked will already count towards the second pass.

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Thank you so much!

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