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Wrong pet mount transfer

By LSKNUMBER1 January 21, 2019, 20:17:59

I just transfered my godron mount to dofus (which i don't play) instead of wakfu (the one i wanted).
I clicked way too fast and dofus was marked automatically as first option and i forgot to click on wakfu.
There is no confirmation to transfer and because of that i used 500 gems for this.

I want to know this:
Could someone CANCEL that transfer? Just remove the pet from my dofus inventory and i get back the 500 gems so i can send it to wakfu?

Please, i want a positive or a negative response, i don't care, just don't leave the thread hanging please.
If that can't be done i might just delete all my wakfu accounts and stop playing ankama games for good.

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Here the same! 
Please answer!
And another question, can i only transfer the mount once? Ore in every game one time? 

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Hey, been a while but might at least give you some player to player feedback.

The game forums have been announced closed for a long while and so answers will most likely wait for eternity, however i went through the same problem back then.

As per my experience i had transferred my pet into dofus accidentally and asked if they could transfer it to wakfu, i was told this would not be possible, however the game was fairly recent and ankama was nit able to aid me immediately which is completely fine, i bought gems to transfer the pet again but apparently this wasn’t needed as you can transfer it to all games once gems are spent.

Should you wish to transfer it again, just pay gems for another copy of it I believe, not entirely sure if you are able to continuously transfer pets mounts but that’s not hard to try.

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