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By toutimamos - COMMUNITY HELPER - January 31, 2019, 08:44:54

(automatic translation)

Good morning, everyone,

For those who missed Talentyre's announcement on the Discord Ankama Mobile (link on the top announcement of the French forum), the latter, project manager of the mobile unit and last member of it, leaves Ankama today. As a result, the Discord will close today at around 11am (Paris Time), and the forum will go read-only in the meantime (it will no longer be possible to open new topics or reply to existing ones).

As for the future development of DOFUS Pets, it is obviously very uncertain since no one will be assigned to the project. I quote from Talentyre's announcement:

"I'd like to work on a final patch for DOFUS Pets but I don't have confirmation that this will be possible, I'll try to keep you informed as soon as I have the information."

Please note that:

  • DOFUS Pets will remain accessible (the application will remain downloadable, and the servers will still be functional). All the features currently in use will remain operational (but it is not said that those related to the beauty contest can be activated).
  • It will still be possible to transfer pets/mounts to DOFUS, DOFUS Touch, WAKFU and Krosmaga.
  • For any problem, you will have to turn to the Ankama support.

And then for any question about the game, you can always contact me by Ankabox or on social networks smile

Thank you all for this adventure, from the alpha for the old ones to now for the less old ones! See you soon smile

toutimamos, Community Helper

Buenos dias a todos,

Para aquellos que se perdieron el anuncio de Talentyre en el Discord Ankama Mobile (enlace en el top anuncio del foro francés), este último, director de proyecto de la unidad móvil y último miembro de la misma, sale hoy de Ankama. Como resultado, el Discord se cerrará hoy alrededor de las 11 de la mañana (hora de Paris), y el foro será de sólo lectura mientras tanto (ya no será posible abrir nuevos temas o responder a los ya existentes).

En cuanto al futuro desarrollo de DOFUS Pets, es evidente que es muy incierto, ya que no se asignará a nadie al proyecto. Cito del anuncio de Talentyre:

"Me gustaría trabajar en un parche final para DOFUS Pets pero no tengo confirmación de que esto sea posible, trataré de mantenerlos informados tan pronto como tenga la información".

Por todo eso:
  • DOFUS Pets seguirá siendo accesible (la aplicación seguirá siendo descargable y los servidores seguirán funcionando). Todas las funciones actualmente en uso seguirán siendo operativas (pero no se dice que las relacionadas con el concurso de belleza puedan ser activadas).
  • Todavía será posible transferir mascotas/mascoturas a DOFUS, DOFUS Touch, WAKFU y Krosmaga.
  • Para cualquier problema, tendran que contactar al Soporte Ankama.

Y para cualquier pregunta sobre el juego, siempre puedes contactarme por Ankabox o en las redes sociales smile.

Gracias a todos por esta aventura, desde el alpha-test para los viejos hasta ahora para los menos viejos! Nos vemos pronto smile

toutimamos, Community Helper
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Sad daysad

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Ankama should support this game more, it's really a shame to see Dofus Pets die.
One of the only games with a future, people want cosmetics for their games, please do not let Dofus Pets die!

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whyyy its amaziiing sad

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Yes, ankama needs to support this game more. Recently it got worse reviews, since there's no updates and any news for development. Other players such as from dofus and wakfu play it once just to get their desired pet. It's sad to see that the future of this game will go to.. (I can't bare to say it). 

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