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App crashes

By Tasme December 14, 2017, 14:27:00
It's nothing urgent and people might have reported it, so I decided to write here instead. Just in case someone sees it.

The game constantly crashes for me.
During pet feeding, playing minigames, just anything. Luckily it has not (yet) resulted in any pets dying. 

I can't watch adds because of it. I seem to loose re-spins on the wheel (and probably items that got re-spun so I stopped doing it.) It all started after the last update, before that everything was fine.

Game randomly goes into offline mode (not indicated by icon, can only be seen by going to shop), my guess that it is why my app crashes. But this is only a guess. 

On top of all of this, I can no longer take screenshots of the game. It simply doesn't happen or at times crashes the app QQ I can't take pictures of my boon! Or cool trophy I won for 10 pets! sad!!

I guessed before that it might have been a memory issue, but after deleting a bunch of stuff, there should be more than enough free space for wiggle room. 

(This is not the account used to play the game)
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Uninstalling the app and restarting my phone has fixed the crashes. 
No information was lost, because after downloading the game again everything was pulled from database. 

I am monitoring my RAM usage currently, because playing C-C-Combo minigame increases it and doesn't reduce after closing app. My thesis is that it might be responsible for crashes and all those overlay bugs I had before uninstallation and restart.

Random disconnect is still there though.

I hope that this is useful for people who had the same problem as me. 


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Thank you for your tips Taseni!
Tasme : in fact, the problem is usually linked with your RAM. Can you give us the type of smartphone you have and the version of your software (Android or iOS)? Developers will check if the problem can be the RAM or not.


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Hey o/

Phone is Samsung Galaxy S5 
Android 6.0.1

Additional info that might interest devs: 
When the app was crashing my RAM stayed at 1.35+GB (out of 1.67GB ), after everything detailed above - fell to 0.89GB. I played CCCombo minigame and it suddenly jumped to 1.10GB and stays there. 

I will continue to monitor my phone, if something note worthy shows up, I will just update. 

(I can't reply on Tasme acc, because of new forums regulations :v but I am really glad I was able to fix my problem, less work for support biggrin )

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