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Cannot connect to the server

By Yrrene June 10, 2018, 16:59:05

Starting yesterday, the app will not connect to the server. At first I thought it might be my internet. But all other apps run using my internet, just fine. I'm now at 24 hours of not being able to connect. I'm using Android Marshmallow on an RCA tablet.
I have seen no recent posts about this issue, so I'm at a loss.

I have uninstalled and reintalled the game. But this did not help. Now the game won't even let me log in, using my ankama acount, because it cannot connect to their servers.

Now at nearly 48 hours and I'm still getting the same message. 'We cannot connect you to the server". It then asks me if I want to play offline and informs me that there will be no saves of progress until it can connect. Then it wants me to choose a nickname under which to play.....Is the server down? I'm starting to worry that it has shut down, considering the lack of response here.

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Tengo el mismo problema, al parecer llevan tiempo sin arreglarlo ._. 

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