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Can't login with login/password pair, but I can in the forum

By ZebenLitovsky March 09, 2019, 00:44:40

Hello everyone.
Today I've tried to run the game as usual, but it kicked me to login screen with a message "Invalid login/password". The reason why I started the topic is the confidence that my login/password are right... Otherwise I wouldn't even login to this forum.
No any else useful information I have: no error codes, no any else bugs.
But I've got interesting behavior when I tried to log in: when I type my pair right - it tries to login about 20-40 seconds and fails; when I type knowingly wrong password - it does fail instantly.
Thanks everyone in advance for help. I just want to feed my pet and not let him die.

So, after my re-login my pet is completely gone, my stuff and kudos re also just gone. The game just suggested to start the game from scratch.
I can't also invite, view and edit my friends: it just shows me an error 700 (unable to load the list of friend invitations.
Well, with this amount of issues I can't to star the game more than 1 star, even knowing that pet grooming is a really good concept of the game itself.

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