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In DOFUS Pets, you'll take care of a pet from its earliest days until adulthood; raise it, heal it, educate it, entertain it… many actions which will allow it to develop in different ways throughout its growth.

The Pet's Growth

Growth and evolution are two separate mechanics in DOFUS Pets.

Like all living beings, your companion grows and gets older over time. During your game experience, they are led to go through 4 different states: baby, child, adult, and mature. This is what we call the pet's growth.

Changes of state are paced by a fixed growth cycle, and each one of them reflects the behavior you choose to adopt towards your companion.

Therefore, if you're the kind who plays mother and whispers to your pet, they'll tend to leans towards a pleasant and esthetically pleasing state. In contrast, if you think nothing of their health and hygiene, your companion could turn into a real swine… This is what we call evolution.

A classic game loop is to raise your pet, obtained in the baby state, until the mature state, unlocking the evolution of your choice.


Types of Evolution

For each companion, there are 6 types of evolution*: Measured, Paunchy, Icky, Charming, Bontarian, and Brakmarian.

*The characteristics and designs presented below are work in progress. Changes will be made in the coming weeks and months.



Measured pets have received ordinary care from their owner; not too much, not too little, so much so that no orientation has stood out during their growth.
  • Measured pets present neither bonuses nor penalties.


Paunchy pets are reputed for their love of good food. Yes, candies allow you to make a pet happy both quickly and easily, but pay attention to their calorie intake!
  • Paunchy pets are always hungry, so they quickly multiply your food bill.
  • Paunchy pets love to eat; thanks to their persistent meals, they're easily made happy.


Icky pets haven't been given enough attention and care. Left to their own devices, they've somehow developed, modeled on their foul environment...
  • Icky pets are frequently ill, but much more resilient to effects than their fellow pets.
  • Because Icky pets aren't used to cleanliness, they tend to become unhappy when washed.


How classy, how splendid, how stylish! Charming pets have everything going for them, thanks to the unwavering care and attention of their master. They're a perfect example of pets who've been pampered through and through!
  • Charming pets absolutely have to be beautiful and at the top of their game, so their delight is increased especially when they're washed and pampered.
  • Charming pets are very precious; they need to be regularly dolled-up and to vary their appearance.


Bontarian pets are full of nobility; they are the reflection of a wise and just education, as well very protective attention from their master.
  • Bontarian pets are resolute and thoughtful, rarely temperamental, and tend to be most easily pleased in the company of their master.
  • Bontarian pets are used to being guided and protected, and present a great need for attention.


Brakmarian pets are the symbol of conflict with authority; educated in often overly harsh and unjust ways, they've learned how to fend for themselves by flouting convention.
  • Brakmarian pets are highly self-sufficient, and require very little daily attention.
  • Brakmarian pets are of a rasping nature; they're no model of obedience, and are especially difficult to get on with.

And then what?

With each game loop completed, you are presented with two choices:
  • You can decide to keep your pet in DOFUS Pets: you won't need to take care of it on a daily basis any more, and it will help you continue on your adventure, especially when it comes to collecting various resources.
  • You can decide to part with your pet… to better meet up with it again: you can choose to transfer your pet in the mature state to DOFUS, DOFUS Touch or WAKFU, so it can join your avatar on their adventures in the World of Twelve.

But to find out more about these game perspectives, the various pets which will be offered in DOFUS Pets, or for plenty of other things: see us in the next article!