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In the previous Feature Focus: Evolution, we showed you the various kinds of companions you'll be able to unlock throughout your game experience. This week, we're dealing with the cosmetic possibilities of DOFUS Pets in depth, using the customization system it offers. Follow the guide!

Character Customization

If you're a player of DOFUS, DOFUS Touch or WAKFU, you're probably used to equipping your characters with various items; first and foremost, to increase their characteristics and to make them more powerful, but also to make them more stylish!

In DOFUS Pets, you can forget characteristics: only your tastes count to make your companion unique and to make them reflect your personality or your desires.

As we mentioned when presenting the Charming, customization will also have a role to play in pets' evolution, but also in the social features which will be implemented and unveiled… at a later date!

You will be offered three equipment slots: the head, the face, and the accessory.


The Head

In the manner of MMOs, you'll be able to equip your companion with different headgear and hats, all from the World of Twelve. A Charming Tofu dressed as a Solomonk? Yes, it's possible!

The Face

Glasses for a Bontarian wiseman, an eye-patch for a Brakmarian scrapper… or vice versa! This little touch will give your companion a lot of personality and style.


The Accessory

Various weapons will complete your companion's look: swords, axes, hammers, bows… it's up to you!

Environmental Customization

The environment is your companion's living space, in other words, the scenery you'll look upon daily. So a little change now and then may not be all that bad!

In order to best personalize you game experience, you will be able to modify the background of your scenery and rearrange the items in it as you see fit, using 4 specific lateral slots.

Depending on your tastes and vision of interior design, here are a few examples of the environments you can achieve:

We hope that this information and these previews will be to your liking, and will keep you going until the next revelations from DOFUS Pets!

Between now and then, we hope you have a great start to the new year, that 2016 ended in happiness and gives way to a 2017 full of nice surprises!
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