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Update 1.2.0 is coming to your mobile devices on September 21! Get a peek at what's coming!

Godron, the Dragon Pet

Remember, a few months ago, we held a drawing contest to create the 4th type of pet in DOFUS Pets. We received many interesting submissions, and we ultimately chose a small plant dragon with the help of a final community poll.

Rumo then re-worked the concept to create a new family of dragons, bring Godron, the game's 4th pet, to life:
Original drawing, from xxxJIREXxxx
Baby Godron
Godron will eventually be compatible with DOFUS, DOFUS Touch and WAKFU and will also come with an exclusive Mount to unlock: the Dragnir.


Two New Minigames


Hungry Tofu

In Hungry Tofu, the famous Snake has become a Tofu! Use the directional buttons to guide him to the food along his path.

Each item of food adds from one to three followers, creating a chain that your lead Tofu must avoid to survive.

Bonuses are available to help you: the Bomb summons a Black Tofu, who blows up all the followers behind him, and the Shield protects you from Drhellberts and thieves.

To win the game, your Tofu must eat the amount of food indicated in the main goal.

One More Line

In One More Line, assemble blocks of jelly to make 5-jelly lines and columns.

To win, you need to unlock as much jelly as indicated in the goal with a limited number of moves.

Otomai's Laboratory

This new paid functionality saves you time developing your collection of pets: up to three incubators are available for purchase and allow you to put the pet of your choice in an incubator for 20 days, during which time you don't need to take care of it.

At the end of the 20 days, your pet emerges as a adult with the evolution you selected beforehand. You can then send it to Otomai's Garden and transfer it to other Ankama games.
Discover all these new features in Update 1.2.0, available September 21 on Android and iOS.