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Here are the news and modifications with the update 1.2.0:



  • A new pet is available: Godron.
  • Godron can be chosen when a first pet from the starter is brought up to its maturity and sent to the Otomai Garden.
  • More information here.


  • The Otomai's Laboratory is now accessible for the players with at least a mature pet and allows to buy to 3 incubators in the same time.
  • An incubator enables to let an egg for 20 days and to get a mature pet.
  • Godron isn't compatible with this system of incubation for now.
  • More information here.




  • A sharing feature on Facebook is available from the options.
  • A cross-platform sharing feature is added on the screens of score of mini games, panel of evolution and gifts of mission.
  • A new achievement is added: "Sharing Facebook from the options".


  • News items and backgrounds are added in the Shop.
  • Items of decoration are now put into order of groups of categories in the inventory.
  • A sound is added for the navigation of the evolution interface.
  • The sharing of screenshot
  • The screenshot sharing works again correctly on Android v24+.
  • The collection counter is fixed.
  • The sound linked to the evolution of the pet stops correctly when launching a mini-game.
  • The state of desire / caprice of the pet is correctly saved when the application is shut down.
  • Customization items from the Achievements lost from the inventory are restored.